Flipping heck!

Well this is all a bit blinking exciting. Order book is simmering nicely, sewing machine thinks its throats been cut and the hoover is chock full of thread and fluff.

What started off as me just dicking about with a bit of fabric has definitely proved its worth over the past few years. Financially it is never going to make me millions, but it provides extra for us and makes me my own boss. I first threaded up a sewing machine at secondary school, as part of Home Economics. It was all about flicking through Woman’s Own magazine for inspiration (ooh what about some natty pot holders or a hedgehog door stop filled with split peas – I’m 15 why would I need those?)

Although my first textiles project as an adult was a Paddington Bear cushion for Ted’s room – 6 years ago you couldn’t find Paddington print anything, for love nor money – now he’s everywhere, with a scarily long snout. We made cushions in the first year, so the easy square pattern was easy to remember. We still have it, and I had had the same fabric curtains when I was little.

I’ve progressed since then, and seem to add to my list of makes organically, making something for someone and just getting more competent.

I stitch for sanity now as well. My mum died last year and while as a family, we coped alright, there are times when it is easier to just take myself away, with the company of only Radio 4. The noise of my machine and the distant, cosy chat of the BBC’s finest radio station seem to aid mental wellbeing for me. And to create something someone wants at the end of it is a definite bonus.