A few weeks ago, in a galaxy far, far away…..

As a follower on Facebook, I have seen a great deal of the work done by Lindsay at All the Small Things. Her creative designs, especially the rainbows, show what a skilled artist she is. But it was after seeing her wax resist designs that I hit on an idea. The combination of this technique and black and primary colour dyes gave an amazing space effect – like a shot from the Hubble Telescope.

I wanted to make baby wearing bags with cloth that looked like THAT! Imagine having the milky way floating over your shoulder, not just Milky Way stuck to your shoulder! So I contacted the lovely, approachable Lindsay and put this commission to her. And she jumped at the chance to collaborate.

After virtual high fiving for ages about the idea, we set to work discussing fabric types and colours. And once Lindsay had everything down, she set to work, sending me pics along the way of the process. It was very exciting to see the dyeing in action. But when she sent pictures of the finished cloth I was blown away. They truly were like space – the colours swirling around in the infinite abyss with wax resist stars cascading across the cloth.

When they arrived, it almost felt a shame to start chopping, but I laid out the pieces to decide on which side would make the bag panels and which side would be best for the bag panels. I wanted to get the best from the cloth, and use the best of the design in the more appropriate places.

The bags have been paired with black and white star lining, black rings and black zips. And left over cloth has been made into coin purses, with added plum leather detail.

I’ll carry on updating this blog post throughout the sewing process, but for now it’s time to decide on lining, ring and zip colours. These bags will be up for sale on this website when they are completed. Watch out for more news on the Facebook page!

These items were added to the shop on this website for sale, on March 7, 2017.


Check out Lindsay’s Facebook page at allthesmallthings.lovelystuff