Can’t see the wood for the box. Or thinking outside the trees. Something like that.

I’ve been creating baby wearing bags with wrap cloth for a good few years now, and have worked with such a wide variety of designs. It’s great when you get the perfect placement for the bag panels, especially when the pocket lines up perfectly. It gives me a good buzz. Like when you make chicken stock from the leftovers and actually use it, rather than flushing it down the toilet a week later.

Abstract designs lend themselves well to bag making, as it doesn’t really matter about matching up the designs – it just works. But when it is a picture cloth, like Firespiral Slings’ Birch Trees, it does look better when the branches meet and it still looks like the image is supposed to on the front of the bag.

So, Glasto Harvest. I have had a piece of the cloth, big enough for a bag, sitting in my workshop for ages now. I kept getting it out and looking at it, thinking it might make a lovely big cushion. There were three big Harvest trees across the piece, and as the images makes up the entire width of the wrap, I just couldn’t picture it being a bag – surely it would look odd, and you wouldn’t be able to see what the picture was supposed to be.

Ha, wrong! After chatting with a lovely customer about the designs and colours she would like for her bag, I pulled out the Glasto Harvest again. It was only when I placed the pattern on top of the cloth that I could see that actually, the design lends itself well to an Absolute Bobbins bag. The trunks have become the strap, with the little squirrels running along one edge. The main body of the trees, remember there were three, will become the front, back and pocket, and match up really well.

So, in future, I’m going to put initial fears to back of my mind and just give it a go. Some things work, some things don’t but when you hit on an unexpected success, it feels very exciting. Like chicken stock.