The little details

Lots of different items are made by Alison at Absolute Bobbins.

If it is a baby wearing bag you want to purchase, check out the “How to order a bag” document on this site for more details. As each bag is a personal, handmade commission, get in touch for prices. While the standard pattern isn’t really that flexible, the odd changes and additions are. Just get in touch for more information.

Absolute Bobbins offers a fix up service free of charge for any bags that have been bought in the last 100 days. This might be hems, seams or the structural integrity of the bag/cushion/purse etc.

Beyond that time, most things can be fixed for a small cost. Get in touch for more details.

There is a document on here called “You bag”. In there, you will find out more about caring for your bag. As bags are made from wrap cloth, they needed to be treated with the same care and attention that you give your wraps. Pulled threads may occur during use – this is just the nature of this kind of woven fabric – threads can be easily woven back into the bag with a needle. Looped pulls can be snipped and threaded back in, in opposite directions. The bottom of the bags are usually not waterproof, be careful placing the bag on floors or tables to avoid damage.The cloth will pull on occasion but follow guides on the Firespiral Slings’ site to work pulls back into the bag.

Because Absolute Bobbins bags are handmade with a variety of fabrics and accessories there is not one wash rule for them all. Spot clean stains by hand as soon as possible. If a machine wash is absolutely essential, a quick cool, slow wash works best, stretch back to shape and dry on the line or a radiator.